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Animal Totems and Symbolism

The Skunk


What is the skunk? A link to Skunk information (scientific):  The Skunk as defined by


The Skunk as symbol and totem

The skunk is a powerful totem with mystical and magical associations. Skunks are slow moving solitary creatures and spend most of the daylight hours underground.  They dig their own dens but will also take over abandoned homes of foxes, marmots and rabbits.  They hold an air of self confidence and can teach us how to develop self esteem and self respect.
Throughout history skunks have carried a reputation that is respected as well as feared.  If a skunk feels threatened, it raises its tail and stamps its front feet.  If that doesn't scare off the intruder, it hisses, turns around presents its tail and sprays.   A skunk can spray 10 to 14 feet with accuracy.  This noxious liquid irritates the eyes blocking vision temporarily. Those with this medicine need to develop inner vision and use it to see beyond what the physical eyes perceive.
The skunk smell is one that everyone can recognize.  Author Ted Andrew states that those with this medicine find the use of fragrances will elicit dynamic responses in those they associate with.  People will respond to the fragrances you employ. A study of aromatherapy would benefit those with this totem.
Skunk teaches us how to comprehend a warning.  Many times in life our instinct can foresee trouble ahead, but our mind gets in the way and inhibits this knowledge.  By watching and learning from skunk, we learn how to honor that part of ourselves which like the skunk, gives us many warnings before an actual problem or disaster develops.  When a skunk appears in our life it could very well be our intuition sending us a signal of imminent danger or caution.
The stripe running from the head to the tail of the skunk is linked to the creative life force within.  When this medicine is fully developed those with this totem have the ability to direct their creative energy to manifest a desired result. If underdeveloped a need to awaken consciousness and look beyond the perimeters of ones immediate world is important.
Skunks go about their business quietly and those with this medicine are advised to do the same.  Unbalanced skunk people have a habit of tooting their own horn looking for recognition.  Because of the intense energy the skunk holds this can create problems in communicating with others.  Those with this totem are either well liked or disliked.  The art of attracting and repelling are inherent skills and can benefit us if they are mastered efficiently. Remember people are going to notice you.  How they notice you can be controlled by you.

Some information about the skunk


Skunk keywords include the following (in dreams and as totems): Understanding; reputation; sensuality; understanding energy flows; self-respect; courage; will-power; self-confidence; self-preservation; respect; playfulness; moving at one’s own pace; steadiness with efforts; fragrances can elicit responses with those who associate with skunk medicine (aromatherapy); ability to attract people

Some traits that "skunk people" often share:
"Positive:" Sympathetic, popular, sensual, self-respecting, playful, mystical
"Negative:" Defensive, paranoid, arrogant, unpopular, single-minded
The skunk's Primary Element is Fire
The skunk's Secondary Element is Air